Saturday, March 28, 2009


During that awkward time when I was first telling people about my job loss, someone misspoke the word "unemployment" as "unenjoyment" to me. I don't remember exactly who it was. I do believe it happened at the bar, so alcohol was no doubt involved.

Since then, it's stuck with me: Unemployment, unenjoyment.

No, unemployment is not meant to be an enjoyable time in anyone's life. You're broke, and you have to go out and look for a job.

The funny thing is -- and we here at WSFAU always look for the funny thing -- unemployment can be enjoyable.

Enjoyable? Are you nuts, you say? I'm broke and I have to look for a job!

Ah, but here's the thing: You still need to find ways to enjoy life. You've got time on your hands now, and you can only job hunt for so much time during the week.

Here's some ways you can enjoy your unemployment:

  • Spend a little time on your hobbies. Not too much, though: You still need to find that job.
  • Don't forget your friends and family. Spend your free time with them.
  • Volunteer. WSFAU does. Find a worthy nonprofit which needs you .
  • Join Toastmasters and improve your public speaking skills. Again, WSFAU recommends this.
  • Start your own blog.

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