Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming to my Census

While I was writing my last post, the U.S. Census Bureau called me.

No, they weren't asking how many people live in my apartment. Or in my head. The census itself isn't being taken until 2010.

They were calling to offer me a temporary job as a enumerator to help them prepare for the upcoming census.

Shortly after I was laid off this winter, I applied for and took a short test for census bureau jobs. People told me they were looking for temps in my area, and the pay was good -- better than Michigan's unemployment pay rate.

I train for a week in mid-April -- oddly enough, my interviewer didn't yet know where I'm supposed to report to training -- and then work for eight weeks. The job itself is likely to include nights and weekends, so I can still job hunt while I earn some extra cash.

And I can tell Michigan's MARVIN system goodbye for awhile. :)

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