Friday, March 27, 2009


So I checked my Facebook page this morning to see what my 74 most-wired friends are up to.

Two of them -- employed ones -- made obligatory "Thank God It's Friday/I'm ready for the weekend!"-type status updates.

Another one of them had made a "Thank God it's Fri-oh, wait, it's only Thursday ..." update yesterday.

We here at WSFAU do sympathize with the plight of the employed. Heck, we were employed as of, oh, late last year.

Yet we find ourselves having to rely on such devices as calendars and the primetime television schedule in order to distinguish one weekday from another. When you're unemployed, the days do tend to blur into each other.

I do admit to wanting to know it's Friday for two reasons: 1. Lenten observance (Remember not to eat meat I really can't afford anyway!) and 2. My employed friends can come out to play for the next few days.

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