Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Errands and the Unemployed

Today I needed to do a few errands: Banking, bill paying, going to the post office, and grocery shopping.

As every unemployed person discovers sooner or later, one nice thing about unemployment is that we unemployed people don't have to do our errands only during weekends anymore. We can go out on weekdays and conduct our personal business when the stores, banks, and post offices are much less crowded than on Saturday or Sunday.

However, there are some funny things about this:
  • As you cruise the nearly-empty aisles finding bargains at the cheap grocery store, you may wonder, "Shouldn't I be home looking for a job to pay for groceries?"
  • At the bank, you find out about your dwindling balance that much quicker.
  • At the post office mailing your bills, you wonder why there's always a line at the counter no matter when you go there.
  • At home writing your blog post, you remember you needed to go to the dry cleaner and shoe repair shop, too.

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