Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have a job interview on Monday.

I'm both happy and nervous about this.

Happy because it's an interview for a job I want at a place I've wanted to work. I have a good chance of getting this job, and I want and need to go back to work.

Nervous because it's a job interview. Job interviews make me uncomfortable, and I haven't been on an interview in a little while.

When I was in outplacement counseling, they asked us to think of brief stories of accomplishments at our former jobs so we could later use these stories during job interviews. Stories about how we increased sales, or lead a team, or increased productivity, or achieved something. I had a difficult time with this; I was more the supportive type who just showed up for work each day and worked her behind off. So during job interviews when they ask about my accomplishments or how I worked with a team, I tend to be at a loss for words. Not quite what interviewers want to hear.

However, they need to hear something from me. It is my first and only chance to make a good impression, and I'll work on it over the holiday weekend.

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