Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gotta love The Onion

One of my old college friends posted a 2007 The Onion story to my Facebook news feed tonight. I thought I'd share it here: Thousands Lose Jobs as Michigan Unemployment Offices Close.

As I've said here before, Michigan's unemployed don't report to unemployment offices. We file our initial claims over the Internet. Then we call into the unemployment agency's telephone system -- the dreaded MARVIN -- every two weeks.

When I first found this out, it did make me wonder: Whatever happened to all of those unemployment agency counselors and clerks who waited on me the last time I filed for unemployment years ago in the pre-MARVIN era? Did they have to hit the unemployment line? Were they retrained for other jobs? Did they retire? Or do they hand out license plates, drivers licenses, and car titles in the one state department most Michiganders still regularly visit in person: the Secretary of State's Office?

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