Saturday, May 2, 2009

A place with more jobs than people!

This morning, I discovered a magical place where they say there are more jobs than people to fill them.

It's a little town called Pinedale, Wyoming, where the county unemployment rate is a mere 2.1 percent. Let me say that again: 2.1 percent. That's almost the opposite of Michigan's 12 percent!

This mountain town of 1,412 has more jobs than people, according to ABC News, thanks to a natural gas field just south of town.

But I'm not packing up and moving from my present town of Ferndale to Pinedale just yet.

For one thing, Pinedale sounds very outdoorsy. The county Chamber of Commerce says the area's recreational opportunities are hiking, hunting, horseback riding, and other "adventure opportunities." I like hiking and horses all right (even though I rarely ride horses). But I've never hunted (for anything much except bargains at Target), and I haven't been fishing in about 20 years. My last "adventure opportunity" was driving on I-696 at night.

For another, the local paper's web sites warn potential newcomers right off that apartment and house rentals are 1. expensive and 2. hard to come by.

Lastly, my experience with natural gas is limited to paying my utility bill each month.

However, if you're an outdoorsy type who needs a job and who's always dreamed of living out west -- and who wouldn't mind working on a ranch or on the gas fields -- go for it!

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Greta said...

Pinedale will have lots of trouble trying to attract some city dwellers with that website! lol. I love how it mentions that there's not a stop-light in the whole county. YIKES.